My Story

Why so much hate!?

I have to admit, this may not be the best time to be writing this post. I am genuinely, whole-heartedly and despairingly sad and angry. About what? Just a few comments at the bottom of a Facebook post.

There was an article about a couple who had recently been married, what followed were negative comments about her “sausage arms”, how they were both “mercilessly beaten with the ugly stick,” and there was no chance he’d cheat because look at him, ew.” So, I responded, “All the horrible comments being made are demonstrating exactly what is wrong with the world. Mean hearted and unnecessarily judgemental. Sad.” What made me the most sad, however,  was a comment back saying; “There’s always one …” like I was some sort of kill-joy riding in and destroying all the mean spirited and hugely offensive fun they were all having.

I follow so many wonderful bloggers and websites who work tirelessly and put themselves really out for the world to see and judge. Every once in a while these brave souls will post a rant. They always apologise profusely for airing their frustrations on their, generally, extremely positive forum, which I admire. Because frankly, I would have shut down a long time ago, or gone on some sort of angry hack attack, changing all of their profile pictures, background photos and icons into all that they find hideous and deplorable; fat ugly chicks who don’t deserve an inch of any mans penis, let alone the love of anyone in the world.

I understand that perpetual positivity and love may be difficult for every body. I have been working towards a life where I live as positively as I can, and it can be difficult. Sometimes it feels safer to wallow in negativity, judgement and anger, and I can understand living life in a safe zone.

Sometimes it’s easier to put someone else down rather than really look at yourself and address and accept that which makes you dislike yourself. But look where that has gotten us. We live in a world where negativity and hate are continually being shown, we are teaching our children that it is okay to make fun of someone who doesn’t look right, think right or behave right. This, while the first Black American President is still in term. This, while there are finally calls to bring more women into high power political offices. Are the spiteful and hateful people of the world clinging to the last group that they can torture for their own personal gain, the fat, the ugly, the dumb?

Hate has been around for a long time, I am not saying that this is by far a new thing. Hate has been responsible for burning of heretics, killing of races even the decimation of entire nations. Perhaps compared to this the internet feels like a small amount of hate in this world, but right now – this hate is staring me in the face and I can’t stop staring back. “There’s always one… ” There’s always one what? One person who wants to make the world a better place? One person who hopes that hate won’t entirely consume the world just yet? One person who thinks that maybe you shouldn’t judge someone else to make yourself feel better, but accept them and love them. Accept and love yourself and maybe.. just maybe we’ll stop blowing each other up some day? There’s always one …

P.s – Hating on the haters? Is this right? Thoughts welcome.