How we smile through Depression and other lessons from Robin Williams.

The sad sad news about the suicide of Robin Williams this morning has brought the conversation about mental health back into main stream media. It saddens me that I have to say “brought back” because it should never leave.
This day in age we are inundated with new tragedy and pain, every minute it seems. There are some who have attempted to create perspective by reminding us about Gaza and the atrocities being perpetrated by ISIS right now. Unfortunately we have to take in them all, and we should care about them all. It hurts, it’s hard but it is our reality.
Many of us have been baffled how such a man of laughter can be brought so low by Depression. It is a lesson, laughter, humour and comedy does not happiness equal. It’s a solid reminder that any body, the funny man on the desk next to you at work, the musician with talent and cash in spades, the friend who only calls you to go out and get trashed, your best friend or lover who you know so so well, can be sick and sad on the inside. Never ever neglect the ones you love. (Please don’t read that as believing Robin Williams loved ones were neglectful, it’s merely a reminder.)
All depressives do it, we smile over the pain, we laugh despite the falseness of it, we attempt every single day, until one day… We fail.
Most of us living cannot fathom the pain any one who has gone that far has felt. But to anybody who is sad, who is not sure how to take those next steps, smile those fake smiles of survival or reach out to ask for help, don’t let yourself get there.
Ask for help, carry on, be strong, find a reason to be alive.
You never know how the world will react.



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